Expecting a Baby?

The birth of a baby can be a very exciting time. It is also filled with lots of questions and decisions. The Family Birthplace at Butterworth Hospital in Grand Rapids partners with Spectrum Health Healthier Communities to offer a variety of educational programs to help you feel prepared and confident as you move into your new role as a parent. Our prenatal and parenting classes are taught by certified childbirth educators. We encourage your support person to attend as well.


Preparing for Childbirth Class

Our team of experienced childbirth educators are here to help you and your partner or labor support person understand and prepare for the arrival of your baby. You will learn about labor and delivery, comfort measures to help you cope with labor, facts about epidurals, inductions, pain management and cesarean birth. We will also talk about recovery from birth and how to prepare for the early weeks at home with your baby as well as infant care and feeding.


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Breastfeeding Class

Learn the breastfeeding basics from a certified lactation specialist. Topics include benefits of breastfeeding, positioning/latch, breastfeeding positions, hunger signs, how to tell your baby is getting enough to eat and more. Tips on pumping and breast milk storage will be shared as well.


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Infant/Child CPR and Other Emergencies

This class includes information and materials for parents and caregivers on safety topics for newborns and provides demonstration for infant and child CPR/choking and use of an AED. Tips on how to prepare a safe home for your new baby will also be discussed. This class is not for certification.

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Newborn Care Class

For those not attending our “Preparing for Childbirth Class”, our Newborn class will cover practical baby care topics that will help you to feel more confident in your ability to care for your new addition. This class is open to all types of caregivers (parents, grandparents, day care providers).


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Family Birthplace Tours: Currently Unavailable

Due to the ongoing COVID-19 visitor restrictions tours are currently not available. There is a virtual tour available.


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Dads on Deck

A dads-only, one-time session that gives a dad’s perspective on what’s happening in your life—now, when the big day arrives and once you take your new baby home. Led by an experienced “Dad’s class” educator.


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Pointers From a Pediatrician

This virtual session is led by a pediatrician covers what to expect when visiting the doctor with your baby. Discussion will center around topics such as well baby checkups, immunizations, sick baby visits, other concerns and current pediatric recommendations.


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Twins, Triplets and More

Expecting twins, triplets, or more? There’s additional knowledge you need beyond a standard Preparing for Childbirth class! Join one of our certified childbirth educators to better understand the unique information to help support you as you journey into the world of parenting multiples. Hear advice from parents of multiples that have gone before you, and learn about what your pregnancy, labor & delivery, and postpartum experience will be like with more than just one new baby on the way! 


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Prenatal Yoga – free videos on YouTube!

Check out six free prenatal yoga videos created by our certified prenatal yoga instructor, Jennie Kishbaugh. You can find these videos on YouTube under Spectrum Health’s channel.


Click this link to check out a free Prenatal Yoga Session and explore Spectrum Health’s YouTube Channel for more of these video’s!


Infant Car Seat Safety

This class, now in a virtual setting, will answer the "how to" questions such as how to properly install the seat in the car, how buckles and straps work, how to properly secure your infant in the seat and much more! This class is brought to you by Zeeland Community Hospital.


Click this link to visit Zeeland Community Hospital’s website and register for a Car Seat Safety Class.


Online eClass Options:

The following classes are available for you to take online at home on your own time at your own pace.


Understanding Birth eClass

This interactive online course covers essential information on labor and more, and highlights ways partners can help throughout the process. You’ll also get a sense of what labor is really like as you watch several birth stories. You’ll even have an opportunity to create your own birth plan! Topics covered include: Pregnancy, Labor, Birth Stories, Comfort Techniques, Medical Procedures, Cesarean Birth, Newborns and Postpartum.

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Understanding Infant & Child Safety eClass

Statistics that show infants and children are most often injured in homes and cars. This can be scary for any new parent. Do you know all the ways you can reduce your child’s risk of being hurt from a preventable accident? Learn life-saving information by taking this online safety class! Topics covered include: Car Safety, Safe Baby Care, Safety Products, Home Safety, Poisons, Infant CPR, First Aid and more.

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Understanding Mother & Baby Care eClass

This interactive online course covers essential information for the first two weeks after birth, including taking care of yourself, caring for your newborn, and feeding your baby. It also highlights important warning signs so you know when to call for help. Topics covered include: Baby Care, Feeding Your Baby and Mother Care.

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Support Group Information

Breastfeeding Support Group: *COVID-19 UPDATE: Please call 616.391.5000 option 1 to check each week if the in person support group is being held.Free, in-person support group available every Thursday at 12:30 p.m. – 2 p.m. at Spectrum Health Healthier Communities, 665 Seward Ave NW, Suite 110, Grand Rapids. Registration is not required to attend. Safety measures are in place and health screenings will be done upon arrival. Masks are required. Only mom and nursing baby are permitted to attend.

Breastfeeding Virtual Support Group: Offered through Zeeland Community Hospital you are invited to join an online, virtual support group. Click here to be redirected to Zeeland Community Hospital's web site to view and sign up for classes and support groups.

Breastfeeding Support Specialty Telemedicine: Call the hospital's lactation scheduling line to schedule time for a video call with a lactation peer counselor at 616-391-9437.

Postpartum Emotions Virtual Support Group: This free, virtual support group meets weekly. To register to attend a future group or learn more click here.