Research Offering Hope and Changing Lives

Welcome to Spectrum Health Office of Research and Education! Through our innovative clinical research studies, we gain insights and answers to advance new preventions, treatments and sometimes cures. We serve as a gateway for researchers to advance science and clinical knowledge. Our basic, clinical and translational research brings the most advanced care to our patients and community.

Patients are taking more active roles in decision-making about their health. We bring the world of research discovery to the bedside and take our patients experiences into the lab. We are proud to engage them as active partners in the research process.

Clinical research is a vital component to caring for our community. Our culture promotes innovation and collaboration with academic, industry, government and philanthropic partners. Research is the intersection of hope, innovation and science.

Research Centers of Excellence

  • Genomics Spectrum

    Genomics & Precision Medicine

    Treatment and prevention that considers individual variability in genes, environment, socio-cultural dynamics and lifestyle.

  • Cognitive and Behavioral Spectrum

    Cognitive and Behavioral Health

    Cognitive and behavioral science is a systems-based neuroscience approach for the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of emotional, behavioral and developmental problems and disorders.

  • Immunology Spectrum

    Immunology and Infectious Disease

    Study of the human immune system as it monitors the body for altered cells, foreign pathogens and abnormal cellular events, including chronic inflammation; provides ability to prevent, treat and better understand respiratory illnesses.

  • Technology Spectrum Health

    Technology in Health Care

    Harness technology to improve how we understand and treat specific diseases.