How to Obtain Patient Medical Records

To obtain a copy of a patient’s medical record, please submit a completed Release of Information Authorization form. Forms may be faxed to 616.391.1521. Additional contact information may be found in the Health Information Management section, linked below.

  • Health-Information-Management

    Health Information Management

    Health Information Management is responsible for managing the integrity of the health care data in our electronic health record. HIM monitors chart completion to ensure documentation is accurate, timely and reliable according to clinical, regulatory and financial requirements. We manage the release of health information, record retention and storage, and document scanning. HIM maintains the enterprise master patient index to ensure accuracy of patient identity critical to patient safety, inter-operability and health information exchange.

  • Laboratory-Support-Services

    Laboratory Support Services

    If you need assistance with test interpretation, follow-up testing or recent results please contact our laboratory call center at 616.774.7721. For a patient’s history of lab results please contact Spectrum Health Health Information Management.

  • Radiology-Support-Services

    Radiology Support Services

    Radiology Support Services (RSS) covering Grand Rapids and all surrounding regions can be reached at 616.391.1812. RSS can help you with questions regarding the importing and exporting of images, addendums, and getting you connected with a radiologist or radiology modality.