Get Started

Starting a new research proposal at Spectrum Health couldn’t be easier. Our staff is committed to help you at each step. To begin, you should follow this guide:

  1. Identify the clinical gap in knowledge or question that you wish to address.
  2. As needed, consult with our staff to identify a funding source and draft your study proposal. For industry sponsored clinical trials, work with our staff to get a confidentiality agreement in place. For more information or to request assistance, please contact us at
  3. Let us know that you are moving ahead with your new research project by completing the intake form - Submit to Intake
  4. Using the information that you provide in the intake form, SHORA will begin working with you on proposal requirements, budget development and take steps to ensure that the resources you need for your study are available. 
  5. With assistance from SHORA, prepare and submit a complete research proposal to a funding agency. 
  6. When funding is awarded, SHORA will support contract negotiation, award setup and regulatory compliance.
  7. Submit for regulatory and ethical review through the IRB or IACUC, as applicable.
  8. With appropriate approvals and project management infrastructure in place and written notification, begin your project.
  9. Collect and analyze data, with help as needed from SHORA scientists and biostatisticians.
  10. Throughout the life of your award, SHORA will work with you to provide ongoingaward management and regulatory maintenance.
  11. Write and publish a manuscript about your research, with help as needed from SHORA scientists and biostatisticians.