For family and support persons

Becoming a parent changes everything. Build your confidence and get equipped with skills to care for a newborn, make your home baby-safe, handle an emergency and more.

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Classes are held at a physical location with a classroom experience.

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Classes are held online via Microsoft Teams.

Understanding fatherhood
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Dads play a big role, too. In this dads-only, one-time session you’ll learn about what’s happening with your partner throughout pregnancy, labor and delivery. You’ll also get tips and advice on how to support your partner now and when you take your new baby home. Led by an experienced “Dad’s class” educator.

Understanding infant & child safety
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Prevent accidents and injuries of infants and children by learning about home safety products, poisons and what to do in an emergency. This class will also cover basic first aid for allergic reactions, broken bones, burns, cuts and falls.

Understanding your newborn
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Learn about practical baby care topics that will help you to feel more confident in your ability to care for your newborn. This class is open to all types of caregivers (parents, grandparents, day care providers).

Infant / child CPR and choking
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Practice hands-on CPR and choking techniques with baby and child-sized mannequins. You will also learn how to use an automatic external defibrillator. This class uses the American Heart Association’s “Family and Friends” CPR course, and you will receive an AHA resource book to take home. This class is not for certification.

Understanding and Supporting the Birthing Parent
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This class is the equivalent of Understanding Fatherhood but built with the understanding that families and support systems are all special and unique. This class is for those who support the birth parent during pregnancy and postpartum - partner, support person, father, mother, dad, mom, boyfriend, girlfriend, wife, husband, co-parent, grandparent, friend, family member, female and/or male nurturer, mother figures, and anyone that wants to understand the importance of supporting the birth parent in the pregnancy and postpartum period.

In this one time class, you will learn about supporting the birth person during pregnancy and childbirth, in the early weeks of recovery after birth, postpartum health, and be able to offer support. Education will be provided on getting the laboring birth parent to the hospital, care for the birth parent and newborn during the hospital stay, and the first few weeks of care and safety of the new baby at home.

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