Physical and emotional well-being before, during and after birth

Get support, resources and tips on when and how to ask for help as you navigate life as a new parent. Our classes are led by nurses who are experts in perinatal mental health.

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Classes are held at a physical location with a classroom experience.

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Classes are held online via Microsoft Teams.

Support group
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Hormones, emotions, physical discomfort, sleep deprivation, unexpected birth stories, and all of the other “what ifs” that can come. Pregnancy and the postpartum period can be challenging seasons. At Corewell Health, we are passionate about providing a space for moms to come together, share their stories and heal. Facilitated by a licensed counselor, with advanced training in supporting women and families during the perinatal period, this group will allow moms a non judgmental space to connect, be educated on how to navigate through, and be connected with information on other available supportive resources within our community.

This support group is FREE and open to anyone pregnant to a year after delivery.

Your pelvic floor and core during pregnancy
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This class is taught by a pelvic floor physical therapist who specializes in care of the pregnant and postpartum patient. It will include information on the pelvic floor and core tissue changes during pregnancy as well as common issues like pain, incontinence, and diastasis during pregnancy. Information will also be provided about how to prepare the pelvic floor for birth and how to be prepared for postpartum recovery. This class one hour class will allow time for interactive questions and will provide external resources to help you feel your best during pregnancy and prepare for birth.

Mental health is health

Get support and lifestyle tips, learn more about signs and symptoms, and find experts.