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One in three people experiencing a mental health issue goes without treatment. Expanding our programs and services ensures everyone in our community can get the help they need. As a nonprofit organization, donations of every size from community members go a long way to fund and grow new and existing programs. If you’d like to join us,  please consider a gift to help fund these programs and initiatives.

The School Blue Envelope: A Suicide S.A.F.E. Team response

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Suicide is the second-leading cause of death among U.S. teenagers. Our school-based suicide prevention program provides training so that every school employee—from principals to teachers to coaches, office staff, and even bus drivers—knows how to respond to a student in crisis. This program was piloted with Ottawa County Public Schools in 2019, and our next goal is to raise additional funds to reach 60 West Michigan school districts (300+ schools) in the next three years.

Youth behavioral health clinic

50% of mental illnesses begin by age 14, and early intervention is key to successful treatment. Spectrum Health is opening a dedicated clinic for youth ages 16 to 25 who need critical mental health services such as psychological testing, psychiatry and psychotherapy. The clinic is scheduled to open by the end of 2022, and will provide nearly 12,000 visits within the first few years.

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The behavioral health endowment fund

This endowment will provide critical funding for ongoing behavioral health needs. Key focus areas include hiring additional providers, expanding mental health services to new locations, and creating a dedicated 12-bed inpatient treatment unit at Helen DeVos Children’s Hospital for pediatric patients with complex medical and psychiatric needs. 

Below are a few programs and spaces made possible by the generosity of our donors:

The sensory room at Helen DeVos Children’s Hospital

The sensory room is located on the 10th floor of HDVCH and is a respite for our young patients, whether they are on the autism spectrum or struggling with anxiety or depression. It is a safe space for children with a behavioral health concern to get out of their hospital room and explore and play—with dim lighting and tactile materials designed to comfort and calm. This special space was made possible thanks to the generosity of Vonnie Woodrick and i understand.

Project Dream Rooms at the Ethie Haworth Children’s Cancer Center

Decorated bedroom

Children facing a bone marrow cancer diagnosis typically spend up to 90 days in an isolated hospital room for treatment. The stress, trauma and uncertainty can be overwhelming. Thanks to the Pediatric Oncology Resource Team at Ethie Haworth Children's Cancer Center, these young patients arrive to a room decorated with a theme – tailored to their favorite things – that makes their stay a little less stressful.

Expressive arts program

Art can be a powerful healing tool, providing a way to relieve anxiety and aid in physical, mental and emotional recovery. This weekly program brings creative movement, storytelling, music and art to patients recovering from cancer, traumatic brain injury or surgery. It is offered to patients at Spectrum Health rehabilitation facilities and the Lemmen-Holton Cancer Center, and is made possible by the generosity of our donors through the expressive arts program fund.

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