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Every day, adults and children depend on Spectrum Health to attain quality care, essential assistance, and—ultimately—improved health and holistic wellness. What you may not know is that we are a non-profit organization, and many of our services and programs are funded through charitable donations.

The collective generosity of individuals, families, community groups and corporations is critical for offering vital services to patients and their families, advancing clinical care and fueling research and innovation.

Change starts with you

When you donate to Spectrum Health Foundation, you are improving health, inspiring hope and saving lives.

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Ways to give

Philanthropy takes many forms but always advances the goal of high-quality care for our patients and their families. You can donate money, goods or supplies. You can join your college’s Dance Marathon. You can host a toy drive for kids at Helen DeVos Children’s Hospital. You can name Spectrum Health Foundation in your trust. Whatever option you choose, we are here to steward your gift for the greatest possible impact.

Helen DeVos Children's Hospital Foundation

Philanthropy transforms children’s lives through world-class medical care. When you give to Helen DeVos Children’s Hospital Foundation, participate in one of our events or host your own fundraising event, you’re helping to meet the immediate health care needs of our youngest—and often most vulnerable—patients, and you are helping to build a solid foundation to ensure a healthy future for our future: our kids.

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Spectrum Health Foundation Gala 2022 - June 18

Join us at DeVos Place to support our new behavioral health clinic and suicide-prevention program for schools

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