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If you need mental health support and treatment and feel ready to take the next step, start with your primary care provider. Your provider can do an initial assessment with you by asking some screening questions to determine the best treatment path for you, which may include a referral to one of our mental health team members. 

Adult services

Spectrum Health has adult mental health experts such as psychiatrists, psychologists and clinical social workers that help evaluate, diagnose and treat a wide variety of mental health conditions, whether temporary or ongoing.

Addiction medicine
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Addiction medicine specializes in the treatment of substance use disorder and chemical dependency on alcohol, drugs or nicotine. Our expertise and support systems can help you or a loved one safely overcome the complications of addiction and find a path to long-term recovery.


SHMG Center for Integrative Medicine
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Psychiatry, or taking medication to treat a mental health disorder, is used to treat both the emotional and physical sides of mild to complex mental health conditions and disorders. Since psychiatrists are medical doctors, they may perform an exam, prescribe medications, order labs or use assessments to confirm diagnosis and determine best treatment. Psychiatrists, psychiatric advanced practice providers and many primary care physicians offer psychiatry.

Psychological testing
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Psychological testing can measure different abilities, cognitive functions or even specific personality traits. If you’re being evaluated for a mental health condition, testing may be needed to arrive at a specific diagnosis and treatment program, and/or as a pre-surgical or pre-procedural requirement. Licensed psychologists provide psychological testing.

Therapy and counseling
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Therapy and counseling (also known as “talk therapy” or “psychotherapy”) is a way to work through a wide variety of mental health challenges with a licensed professional who can help you navigate your problems, identify behavior patterns and find solutions. There are different types of talk therapies, and it’s often used in combination with other mental health treatments. Therapy is provided by a licensed psychologist, social worker or professional counselor.

Young adult services - ages 15-25

Proper diagnosis and treatment of symptoms and disorders can change your child’s—and your family’s—future. That’s why our teams work together to evaluate your child’s mental health condition, and use a combined biological, psychological and social approach to develop a holistic care plan. 

Youth Behavioral Health Clinic
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A crucial time for development is between the ages of 15 and 25. Our specialized team is built around this critical age range - evaluating, diagnosing and treating youth to help them transition into adulthood. Services include psychiatry, psychological testing and psychotherapy to address mental health needs including anxiety, depression, substance use disorder and other diagnoses.

Pediatric services

Proper diagnosis and treatment of symptoms and disorders can change your child’s—and your family’s—future. That’s why our teams work together to evaluate your child’s mental health condition, and use a combined biological, psychological and social approach to develop a holistic care plan. 

Autism spectrum disorders / Developmental disabilities clinic
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This clinic assesses children between the ages of 18 months and 18 years for autism spectrum disorder. Assessments are completed by a board-certified developmental and behavioral pediatrician and may include additional evaluation by a licensed pediatric psychologist and a speech and language pathologist. Psychology and psychiatry services are also available for children with an autism diagnosis or a developmental disability for ongoing assessment and treatment. Our autism spectrum disorders/developmental disabilities clinic is a certified Blue Cross Blue Shield Center of Excellence.

Child psychiatry clinic
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At the Child Psychiatry Clinic our board-certified child psychiatrists and psychiatric nurse practitioners focus on your child’s short-term needs and treatment. Treatment plans often include medication therapy and talk therapies. The clinic also coordinates care with primary care providers, specialty providers, school staff and community providers.

Chronic pain clinic
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This multidisciplinary clinic serves preschoolers through young adults who are experiencing chronic pain for a variety of reasons. Each patient is evaluated by a pediatric physician or nurse practitioner, pediatric pain psychologist, pediatric physical therapist, and social worker to develop a full understanding of your child’s chronic pain. We currently provide: 

  • Outpatient pain medication management 
  • Individual and family pain psychology 
  • Physical therapy 
  • Social work services 
  • Coordinated co-treatment with a pain psychologist and physical therapist 
  • Hospital-based consultation, as needed 
  • Care coordination with other medical specialties such as behavioral medicine, and pain and palliative medicine
Neuropsychology clinic
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Neuropsychology deals with learning, behavior and how the brain works. Neuropsychological testing and results are often used to: 

  • Determine a baseline of functioning 
  • Understand a child’s strengths and weaknesses 
  • Identify functional locations in the brain 
  • Guide decisions about treatment, educational planning and future goals 

Our neuropsychologists are specialized in neuropsychological assessment, the practical implications of neuropsychological conditions in children and adolescents, brain-behavior relationships and intervention techniques. They work in collaboration with specialists from neurology, neurosurgery, cardiology, hematology and oncology, genetics and other subspecialties. 

A complete neuropsychological evaluation may take four to eight hours. The length will depend on the reason and complexity of your child’s referral, as well as your child’s symptoms or behaviors.

Pediatric psychology clinic
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Pediatric psychology promotes the health and psychological well-being of children, youth and their families through science and an evidence-based approach to consultation, evaluation and treatment. 

Our licensed pediatric psychologists will meet with your child one to three times for cognitive, academic, social, emotional and/or personality evaluation and testing. With this information, the pediatric psychologist will work with you and your family to create and carry out a treatment plan, as well as provide additional information and resources to help address concerns. 

Your child may also see a psychologist as a part of another clinic visit such as: hematology, oncology, cystic fibrosis, sleep medicine, cardiology, neurology, or pain and palliative medicine. Psychologists embedded in these clinics provide brief evaluation and consultation to help address complex medical, psychological and social needs that may impact care (such as struggling to take medication as part of a treatment plan) and determine if further evaluation is needed.

Therapy and counseling
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At Helen DeVos Children's Hospital, we offer therapy and counseling services for children and adolescents who are facing mental health challenges and/or chronic medical conditions. We treat children. ages 3 years and older. using evidence-based, talk therapy approaches.

Therapy services are provided by Licensed Psychologists and Licensed Master’s of Social Workers who understand the unique impact of mental health challenges on a child’s development, family life, academics, and social environment. Our providers will work with both you and your child to identify and address these problems by asking questions to learn about your child’s struggles and strengths, developing goals for treatment together with you, and working together to address your concerns.

Inpatient pediatric behavioral health consultation
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If your child is in the hospital for a sudden or serious medical or mental health concern or illness, our team of psychiatrists and psychologists work closely with other members of your team to develop a care plan that takes every aspect of your child’s needs into consideration. Psychiatric consultation is also available within the children’s emergency department, if needed.

Find a mental and behavioral health provider

If you’re struggling with mental health, a good place to start is with your primary care provider. Or, contact a mental health provider for more specialized treatment.

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