Community resources

Corewell Health Pennock Hospital has been keeping the Hastings area healthy and providing exceptional experiences since 1923. We’re here to improve the quality of life for you and your neighbors in Barry County. Over the years, your support has helped us bring more programs and services close to you.

Investing in our community

Corewell Health Pennock Hospital collaborates with local partners to boldly reimagine health and well-being in the Hastings area. We prioritize efforts that address top health needs, improve access to care, and enhance equity and inclusion. Explore some of these partnerships, programs and initiatives:

School health

School nurses improve health and well-being for kids in our community. That’s why Corewell Health Pennock Hospital launched Healthy Kids, Smart Kids, an initiative to give more students in Barry County the opportunity to learn how they can grow to be healthy adults. Healthy Kids, Smart Kids is funded by the Corewell Health Foundation PennockHospital.

Promoting fun and health

Pennock Hospital partners with organizations across the area to bring our community events that promote physical and emotional health:

Healthier communities

Learn about Healthier Communities or invite us to be part of your health-related community event.

Listening to you

We’re committed to continually improving the health of the Hastings area. That’s why we invest time in understanding your and your neighbors’ health needs and preferences. Learn about:

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