Committed to Our Communities

Improving the Health of West Michigan

Healthier Communities is one way Spectrum Health reaches out to its neighbors and the under-served people whose demographic, economic or cultural characteristics hinder their access to health care or place them at risk for poor health outcomes.

How Healthier Communities Works

The goal of Healthier Communities is to improve the health of people in West Michigan. Our priorities are:

  • Help at-risk adults prevent and self-manage chronic diseases
  • Improve children's health
  • Reduce infant mortality

Our three major strategies are:

  1. Improve access to health care
  2. Build healthier families
  3. Connect community members to resources

Read stories or watch videos  that share how Healthier Communities has improved the lives of individuals from our community.

Community Commitment

Spectrum Health dedicates $6 million every year to Healthier Communities to provide programs and services for under-served residents of West Michigan. Funding is monitored by an independent community board, the Community Commitment Advisory Committee (CCAC). In 2016, our programs and services helped us connect more than 622,000 times with community members. Learn more about our accomplishments.  

Professional Development and Education

Healthier Communities helps build key leadership skills and competencies in staff and partner agencies. We also offer training for community health workers and others who work in the area. Low-cost classes about current health care issues are frequently available. Learn more about our services.

Community Health Education

Healthier Communities offers hundreds of classes and support groups for children, expecting parents and adults over the course of a year. Some classes and support groups are offered in Spanish. View all classes and events.

Community Partnerships

Healthier Communities works closely with other groups to promote healthy living. These partnerships create long-term infrastructure that will continue to deliver services to under-served individuals in schools, churches, neighborhoods and businesses. Our common goal is to use resources in the most effective way to have the greatest impact on the community. 

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