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Joint replacement surgery

Get the relief you need

If you’ve been struggling with joint pain or arthritis, it may be time for a joint replacement. We offer different surgery options including same-day outpatient joint replacement, minimally invasive and Mako SmartRobotics ™ at Corewell Health Pennock Hospital Orthopedics & Pain Center. You can call our team to schedule a consultation to discuss which option would be the best for you and your lifestyle. Our goal is to get you back to living pain-free.

Is joint replacement right for me?
  1. I have constant pain, swelling or stiffness in my joints.  
  2. Pain in my joints keeps me awake during the night.  
  3. Joint pain prevents me from performing my normal daily activities (working, walking, standing, kneeling, dressing, climbing stairs, etc.).  
  4. Joint pain prevents me from enjoying my favorite hobbies (shopping, running, golfing, biking, etc.).  
  5. Pain in my joints affects my everyday life.  

*If you answered yes to any of the questions above, then it's time to schedule a consultation with our team.

Keeping you moving

Joint replacement is considered a major surgery. It has also proved to be a very successful surgery. As many as 95 percent of joint replacement patients report high or very high satisfaction rates when considering pain relief, improved mobility, and enhanced quality of life. Candidates for joint replacement surgery have severe joint pain, stiffness, swelling, muscle weakness and limited range of motion. Surgery, however, is the last line of treatment, reserved for when all other options, including physical therapy and medications, have failed.

Pennock Hospital Family Birthing Center

Choose Pennock Hospital for a birth experience centered on your family. At the Corewell Health Pennock Hospital Family Birthing Center, you’ll receive care from staff dedicated to making your child’s birth a joyful and memorable experience. If you and your baby need special care, know that we’re equipped for most high-risk deliveries and emergencies.

Baum Family Surgery Center

When you or a loved one needs surgery or another procedure, you’ll appreciate the comfort and convenience of Baum Family Surgery Center. It features a dedicated entrance, private patient rooms, and top-of-the-line surgery and endoscopy suites.

Complete bariatric surgery care

Seminar and consultation
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If you’re interested in weight-loss surgery, attend a free informational seminar to learn whether it’s right for you. Seminars are available locally in Hastings. We can even arrange a consultation immediately after the seminar.

Presurgical care
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Work with your primary care provider and bariatric surgery team to prepare for the procedure. Your presurgical care includes lab tests and appointments with a dietitian and behavioral health specialist. We will help you receive as much of your care locally as possible. For bariatric surgery, all presurgical care is completed here in Hastings.

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When you choose Spectrum Health for bariatric surgery, you’ll have your procedure at Corewell Health Butterworth Hospital (part of Corewell Health Grand Rapids Hospitals) or Corewell Health Zeeland Hospital—our accredited bariatric surgery centers. Get coordinated care from an experienced team with a proven record of for quality and safety.

Follow-up care
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After bariatric surgery, get follow-up care and support at the Corewell Health Pennock Hospital Visiting Specialties Clinic in Hastings. Talk to your care team about the best exercise plan and diet programs for you, and enjoy access to a wide range of fitness equipment and classes at Corewell Health Pennock Hospital Health & Wellness Center.

Working together for you

With access to the entire Corewell Health network, your family can take advantage of our expertise and services throughout western Michigan. When doctors are based in other cities, we may bring care to you through outreach clinics and telemedicine visits for primary care and specialty services. Use our doctor and location directory to find additional places to receive care from Corewell Health in and around Barry county.

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