Pain management treatments

Our specialists work together to give you comprehensive solutions for your back or neck pain. When you are first referred to the spine & pain management center, you will receive a comprehensive evaluation. Based on your unique needs, you will be matched with the specialist most qualified to coordinate your treatment plan. 

You will leave your appointment with a detailed treatment and care plan. By sharing your plan with your referring or primary care physician, you will receive well-rounded, coordinated care. Your care team will meet on a regular basis to discuss your progress and make adjustments to your care plan as needed. 

Although chronic pain is recognized as among the most difficult and complex conditions for doctors to manage, the treatment of chronic pain has significantly improved over the last decade. As your care team, we work together to make sense of a working diagnosis; be flexible as more information is gained and symptoms recur or change; educate and follow through with a plan that makes sense to everyone and coordinate with all your providers for long-term success and support.

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