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Although chronic pain is recognized as among the most difficult and complex conditions for doctors to manage, the treatment of chronic pain has significantly improved over the last decade. As your care team, we work together to make sense of a working diagnosis; be flexible as more information is gained and symptoms recur or change; educate and follow through with a plan that makes sense to everyone and coordinate with all your providers for long-term success and support. 

Our goal is to begin treatment at a conservative level. We offer the most advanced non-surgical treatment options before we recommend surgery. To have a better understanding of what we offer, please review our options below.

Conditions we treat

  • Acute and chronic back pain 
  • Muscle and joint pain 
  • Compression fracture
    • Stenosis 
    • Neuropathic pain  
    • And other conditions

    Treatment options

    While medication is often effective in treating chronic pain, it’s not the only option available. Our pain specialists offer a much deeper approach, including additional therapies that can be used to enhance or even reduce medication use:

      Nerve blocks
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      Anesthetics to block the pain and sometimes steroids

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      Small needles to promote natural healing, a low risk option for many diseases Discography: Nerve blocks to help the surgeon

      Radiofrequency lesioning
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      Three appointments to numb the nerve sites and let you test them at home followed by a semi-permanent (6-9 months) high energy sound wave to heat the nerves and interrupt pain conduction. Best for facet pain.

      Spinal cord stimulation
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      Small electric device implanted under the skin delivering low electric signals to the spine. These signals replace the pain signals. The process requires: attendance at an information meeting, a four hour psychology evaluation, trial implant and then implantation by surgery.

      Medication optimization
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      Working with all of your team to help with best surgical outcome and long term management if needed by your primary doctor.

      Other treatment options

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