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A Commitment to Improving Health

The Spectrum Health Foundation Pennock originated as a catalyst for improving health care services in the communities served by Spectrum Health Pennock Hospital. 

The Foundation was established through the reorganization of Spectrum Health Pennock Hospital and funded through personal and business gifts, as well as other collective efforts; particularly those of the hospital’s auxiliary. Through these community donations, foundation assets have grown to just over $6-million. A vital partner, the Spectrum Health Foundation Pennock has contributed to the growth and development of Spectrum Health Pennock Hospital and the communities that it serves. Enjoying early acceptance of its role and success, the Foundation has demonstrated: 

  • Spectrum Health Pennock is a broadly valued community resource 
  • Ongoing financial support for Spectrum Health Pennock services and health-related community outreach 
  • Values of Committed, Accountable, Resourceful, Entrusted (C.A.R.E.)

Impact Made by You in 2019

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Cancer Services

The demand for cancer services continues to increase each year, so having a local clinic is priceless to these patients, families and caregivers. By having care right here in our community, we are able to reduce the stress of patients at their most vulnerable moments.

Recently, a patient’s wife expressed her gratitude in the clinic. She was so happy to have these services close by, so that her husband and she did not have to travel far for his treatments. She was so grateful for the support that they have received from the cancer center staff that has helped her and her husband handle the challenges that come with cancer.


Doris I Cappon Fund

The Doris I Cappon Scholarship Fund has allowed us to increase the knowledge and educational level of our nursing staff to the BSN level, providing our nurses with the skills and specialty certifications necessary to meet the ever-changing medical needs of our patients and increased demand for both clinical and business expertise. One specific example of this fund having an impact is that it enabled some of our staff to receive specialty certifications for working with our Parkinson’s population—bringing Parkinson’s speech therapy to Barry County and allowing these patients to remain close to home.

All of our patients are in some way impacted by this fund, and we discharge an average of 3,000 patients each year.



Pennock volunteers collaborate with area high schools to create artwork that enhances the visual experience for our patients, visitors and employees. This artwork is seen by thousands of patients and visitors as well as staff each year.

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Safe Sleep

Safe sleep is encouraged in our family birthing center where new parents and caregivers learn how to put their newborns to bed safely in order to prevent silent infant death syndrome. Pennock Hospital delivers over 300 babies each year, and because of philanthropy, each newborn goes home with an infant sleep sack to reinforce the education the parents receive while in the hospital.

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Healthy Kids, Smart Kids

Philanthropy is also making an impact in our local schools as we were able to begin a school nurse program in both the Delton Kellogg and Hastings Area School districts. The primary goal of this program is to prevent kids from unnecessarily missing school. Absenteeism isn’t simply a matter of truancy or skipping school. In fact, many of these absences are often tied to health conditions, such as asthma, diabetes, oral and mental health issues. This program aims to utilize health care as a tool to keep students in the classroom and improve educational outcomes, graduation rates, career readiness and college entry.

During the 2018-19 school year, Hastings-area schools had 260 encounters with our nurse hub totaling over 48 hours of utilization.

Recently, a high school student had been diagnosed with diabetes and showed up to the school office with his medications. The staff, not being completely familiar with diabetes, was a bit panicked, but the school was able to contact the nurse hub at Spectrum Health’s Healthier Communities. Rhonda Lundquist, RN was dispatched to the school and was able to provide the necessary diabetes education to the school and family to supplement what they had learned from the student’s endocrinologist. After a few education sessions, the student, family, and school staff were much more comfortable and knowledgeable about the student’s plan of care, ensuring he was able to remain in school and his parents would not have to leave work to care for him when he experienced issues with his insulin levels.

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