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About Us

Spectrum Health is an integrated care system with the vision of delivering personalized health made simple, affordable and exceptional. Your philanthropy propels us towards making our vision a reality. By working together, Spectrum Health Foundations help create better value and experiences for consumers. The result is a seamless, highly collaborative system of care that offers the best possible outcomes. It’s what we call integrated care, and you’ll find no better way to get healthy and stay healthy. Now is the time to make a difference in your unique and personalized way of giving. We are here to serve and are honored you chose us. 

Spectrum Health Foundation | 25 Michigan St. NE, Suite 4100, Grand Rapids, MI 49503 | 616.391.2000 |

Foundation Leadership

Vicki Weaver

Tamara VanderArk-Potter
Director of Marketing & Community Engagement

Greg Workman
Director of Operations & Finance

Tara Werkhoven
Director of Principal Gifts

Kristin Long
Planned Giving

Janine Dalman
Pennock Foundation Manager

Kaley Petersen
Ludington Hospital Foundation & Community Services Director

Kris Palosaari
Zeeland Community Hospital Foundation Manager

Shelly Westbrook
Big Rapids and Reed City Hospitals Foundation Manager
United and Kelsey Hospitals Foundation Manager

Foundation Hospital Boards

Marge Potter, Board Chair
Maria DeVos, Vice Chair
Ron Alvesteffer, Secretary
Michael Ellis, Treasurer
Vicki Weaver, President

Richard Antonini
Jeffrey Bennett
Patricia Betz
Ryan Cook
Tina Freese Decker
Dale DeHaan
Nancy Hanenburg
Donnalee Holton
Candace Matthews
Davey Mehney
Mary Beth Meijer
Jane Meilner
Patrick Miles
Janet Nisbett
Sarla Puri, MD
Scott Robinson, DDS
Joan Secchia
Sharon Seys
Andrew Shannon
Mary Wachter
Drew Wierda
Aaron Wong

Jack Carter
Dick DeVos
Joyce Winchester

Lifetime Member
Wilbur A. Lettinga
Peter P. Renucci
Scott Robinson, DDS, Board Chair
Tim Feagan, Vice Chair
Vicki Weaver, President

Shirley Balk
Debbye Turner Bell
Patricia Betz
Robert Connors, MD
Mimi Cummings
Kristin Duryee
James Fahner, MD
Ron Hofman, MD
Donnalee Holton
Dan Hurwitz
Rabih Jamal
Sue Jandernoa
Jennifer Keyes
Tom Kyros
Kathy Ellis Lloyd
Michele Maly-Dykema
Davey Mehney
Kimberly Moorhead
Walter Perschbacher IV
Glynn Ann Ruggeri
Dominic Sanfilippo, MD
Robert E. Schermer, Jr.
John Schuen, MD
Sharon Seys
Mary Wachter
Laurie Wierda
Meg Miller Willit

Dick DeVos
Ethie Haworth

June Hamersma
Barbara Ivens
Leonard Radecki, MD

Board Committees

Matthew Adeyanju
Janice Covey
Carolyn Curtin
Sharon Doxsee
Susan Grant
Richard Karns
Jerena Keys
Thomas Knoerl
Andrea Leslie
Peter Macdonald
David Nicol
Michelle Pennington
Debbie Smith-Olson
Sheri Thompson
Tyler Thompson
Jane Torry
Seth Wenger
Tara Werkhoven
Shelly Westbrook
Melissa Bayne, DO
John Buckley
Theresa Cosan
Lisa Deur
Barb Geno
Jack Hendon
Shelly Johnson
Kaley Petersen
Nancy Robinson
John Sella
Scott Swinehart
Rita VanBoven
Greg Workman
Bret Autrey, DO
Conny Bax
Janet Baxter
Bob Budreau
Brian Buter
Lynne Cavazos
Brian Madl
Brandy Henderson Miller
Julie Page-Smith
Kaley Petersen
Ken Rocco
John Sella
Jacob Seng
Bobbie Severance-Roach
Scott Smith
Julie Snyder
James Virden
Tara Werkoven
Shirley Woirol
Greg Workman
David Baum, Vice Chair
Mike Bremer
Maggie Coleman
Sue Dahms
Janine Dalman
Angie Ditmar
Paul DeWitt, MD, Chair
Michael McKeown
James Weatherhead, MD
Greg Workman
Jusith Amparo, D.O.
Jon Aylsworth, Chair
Karen Carbonelli
Carrie Daenzer 
Cherie Foster
Rocky Hansen, O.D.
Jeff Loding
Laura Pentecost Kohn 
Andrea Leslie
Kim Putt
Carolyn Slocum
Glenn Tissue
Phil Tower
Mike Verdun
Charlie Vickery 
Shelly Westbrook
Greg Workman
Keith Boonstra
Rachel Broene
Jackie Curtiss
Susan DenHerder
Kyle Geenen
Jaclyn Geerlings
Lynn Kotecki
Ron Lewis
Jennifer Owens
Kerrie Nelson
Kris Palosaari
John Query
Harold Vanden Bosch, Jr
Tara Werkhoven