Shared medical appointments

Work together with the Lifestyle Medicine team to find a program that best fits your needs. With different program topics, and lengths, there are many options for next steps in your journey!
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Group visits are held at a physical location with a classroom experience.

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Classes are held virtually.

Cooking for health
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This six-months series consists of hands on cooking, appointments and group coaching visits with a dietitian. Cooking for health is for established patients who are interested in learning more about how a nutritious diet can be approachable, and can aid in preventing or reversing one or more chronic diseases such as obesity, diabetes, or high blood pressure. As these appointments are facilitated by a lifestyle medicine physician, chef, and/or a registered dietitian, the patient will have a team of experts educating and answering questions.

Diabetic series
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This series is for established patients with prediabetes or diabetes who are looking to improve or put diabetes into remission through lifestyle changes. The program teaches patients the root cause of insulin resistance and is based on the book Mastering Diabetes. There are optional visits by a Registered Dietitian and/or cooking classes with a chef. The class is held once a month for three months.

Optimize your gut health
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This series is designed for established patients who are interested in improving overall gut health or specific gut diseases like irritable bowel syndrome (IBS), Crohn’s, etc. The appointments are designed to educated on how to potentially treat and improve gut diseases through the “fiber-fueled” approach, and hands-on cooking. It is taught by a Registered Dietitian and Chef over a series of five appointments.

Fasting for health
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This two-visit series consists of a medically supervised five day fast and is facilitated by one of our Lifestyle Medicine Physicians. Patients will be placed in a group with additional patients who are fasting, and will have the support of the Lifestyle medicine health coaching team.

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