Community classes

Lifestyle and culinary medicine offers community classes, webinars and events to individuals interested in cooking and learning more about ways to improve your health.

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Group visits are held at a physical location with a classroom experience.

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Classes are held virtually.

Nourish 101
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This class is for people who are new to Lifestyle Medicine to gain more knowledge around nutrition before/during making changes. It is held by a Health Coach and lasts two weeks. In this 2-part class, you will learn the science behind the benefits of adding more plants to your diet and how to implement these foods to be successful.

Move 101
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This class is for people who are interested in starting or re-starting exercise but aren’t sure where to begin. It is held by a Health Coach and consists of a 1-hour informative class, you will learn about the recommended guidelines and safety protocols when it comes to exercise, as well as valuable tools to help you get and stay motivated.

Daily dozen
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This series is for people who are interested in a more “in-depth” dive into the science behind the power of plant foods. The Daily dozen series is taught by a Registered Dietician and is a fun, comprehensive 6-class series based off Dr. Michael Greger’s "Daily Dozen" app. This program will help to educate you and your family in an approachable way, on how to begin or improve your plant-based eating.

Cooking classes
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We offer a variety of culinary medicine cooking classes to those who are interested in cooking hands-on with a chef. You will learn to prepare and cook delicious recipes that follow different themes.

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