Free group programs

Lifestyle and culinary medicine offers free group programs to promote healthy cooking, positive lifestyle changes, and tobacco/nicotine treatment and support opportunities. These classes are led by Chefs, Dietitians, Health Coaches, and Tobacco Treatment Specialists.

Family kitchen
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This class is for families with children ages 7-17 years old who are looking to learn cooking skills and education with their family. It is taught by a Chef and a lifestyle medicine staff member. You can expect hands-on cooking and nutrition education that makes healthy eating fun and easy for the whole family.

Health coach meet-ups
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This meet up is for established patients looking for connection with others who are also making changes, big or small! Participants come together to share goals, experiences, tips, and encourage one another on this lifestyle change journey. Join as many as you would like, once every two-weeks.

Tobacco and nicotine treatment
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Our variety of tobacco and nicotine treatment programs are offered for patients looking to explore the idea of quitting or those who are ready to quit. It is a weekly class, lasting about a month, led by a tobacco treatment specialist. You will find a safe place to explore your relationship with tobacco or nicotine. Patients receive information about tobacco, resources, and medications, with no pressure to quit.

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