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Here for who you are

In addition to our growing number of individually-trained providers, many team members are also going through Safe and Affirming training so their practice can become a designated Safe Zone.

The Safe Zone badge is earned by:

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All providers and team members in that practice completing the Spectrum Health role-based LGBTQIA+ Safe & Affirming training.

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Maintaining a public commitment to providing the best possible care to this community

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Offering gender-neutral bathrooms

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Prioritizing inclusive patient forms and procedures

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Making care more inclusive

Learning about you
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Your provider may ask you questions about your sexual orientation and/or gender identity. Providers have been trained in how to ask for this information. Your provider may gather information with your consent, including chosen pronouns, legal and chosen names, medical and legal steps you have taken to transition genders (when applicable) and more, to help inform and develop the best plan of care for you. You can also enter this information anytime in your Spectrum Health MyChart account.

Pronoun etiquette
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We understand that asking people to share pronouns does not tell us anything about a person’s identity, only how that person would like to be addressed—just like using someone’s name. And we know that even if we ask once, identities can change. So we will occasionally check back in. As part of our Courtesy of Care Standards, we promise that: 

  • During introductions, we may ask for pronouns, but whether you share that information is up to you. 
  • We are versed in common pronouns: she/her/hers; he/him/his; they/them/theirs (singular); ze/hir/hirs. 
  • We will not say things like, “I use female pronouns” or “I use male pronouns.”
Gender-neutral restrooms
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We’ve upgraded over 300 single-stall restrooms across our campuses to be gender-neutral, and will continue to transition spaces to ensure all facilities have easy-to-access, inclusive restrooms.

Patient visitation rights
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Your family is who you say it is. Make sure you have identified your visitors to your care team. For pediatric patients, names of all allowed adult visitors must be on file to ensure safety. 

Patient nondiscrimination and privacy
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Spectrum Health follows federal civil rights laws and does not exclude care or discriminate based on race, color, national origin, age, disability or sex. For our full policy, visit our nondiscrimination notice and notice of privacy practices.

Inclusion Resource Groups

Many of our providers and team members participate in employee-led Inclusion Resource Groups. They use the strength of their diversity to help our organization grow and change for the better.

The Healthy Pride IRG is composed of LGBTQIA+-identified providers and team members as well as allies. This group has pushed Spectrum Health to:
  • Promote training and education to undercover underlying biases
  • Offer gender-neutral bathrooms
  • Encourage proper pronoun use and understand the harm caused by using dead names
  • Support local Pride events, World AIDS Day and Transgender Day of Remembrance
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