Affirming pediatric and adolescent care

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Our pediatric and adolescent services and specialists are committed to making sure that all our youth, including our LGBTQIA+ and questioning youth, feel heard, celebrated and loved.

It is our goal to provide not just medical assistance and treatment but also resources for navigating issues like acceptance by families and peers after coming out, depression and anxiety, and safety and well-being.

Adolescent and young adult care

The adolescent and young adult medicine team at Helen DeVos Children’s Hospital take a holistic, individualized approach to patient care. They guide patients and their families through comprehensive education and evidence-based approaches aligned with global standards of care, a process which typically takes about four to six months. We serve adolescents and young adults ages 12 to 22, and offer comprehensive health examinations, including STI testing, pregnancy testing and support, substance use and abuse help, and self-injury care, among other services.

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Gender Care Clinic

Our Gender Care Clinic provides medical care for gender diverse pediatric and young adult patients. The Gender Care Clinic consists of a multidisciplinary team of specialists from endocrinology, psychology and adolescent medicine.

This inclusive and affirming care clinic helps families:
  • Connect to community and online resources for gender diverse youth and their families. 
  • Understand the role of the World Professional Association for Transgender Health (WPATH) guidelines for seeking gender-affirming care, including treatment recommendations based on age, necessary consent and the role of outpatient mental health evaluation.
  • Gather information about and provide access to gender-affirming medical care.

Visit the Gender Care Clinic

A diagnosis and/or referral is not necessary to attend the Gender Care Clinic. Appointments are required.


Pediatric endocrinology can help children who may be experiencing gender dysphoria. For more information, visit our pediatric endocrinology page and find a “Safe and Affirming” provider at Helen DeVos Children’s Hospital through Find a Doctor. Just start entering “LGBTQIA+” in the Find a Doctor search bar, and select from the specialty results listed.

For most adolescent endocrinology services, one parent or guardian signature is needed on a consent to treatment form.

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Behavioral health

The behavioral health team at Helen DeVos Children's Hospital cares for the whole child. This includes addressing mental health and physical health, gender identity, and personal, family, school and community needs.

Our experts combine biological, psychological and social approaches to create a personalized plan for each child based on their needs. These plans may include individual or group therapy for both children and parents.

Youth resources

Resources for parents

To help parents navigate questions and support their LGBTQIA+ youth.

When a loved one or child comes out

A guide to navigating the complex feelings associated with a loved one coming out.

Parents’ influence on the health of LGBTQIA+ teens

Fact sheet on how parents can promote positive health outcomes for their LGB teen.

Get the Care You Need

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