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Secure online and mobile access to your health record and care team.

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MyChart and Spectrum Health App

Manage your health anytime, anywhere with digital tools from Spectrum Health. With MyChart and the Spectrum Health app, you’re in control.

What is MyChart?

MyChart is a free online tool that lets you access your health information and connect with Spectrum Health in a single, secure place.

What can I do in MyChart?

You can use your Spectrum Health MyChart account to: 

    • Access virtual care, including on-demand video visits
    • Connect with your doctor or another member of your care team
    • Get cost estimates for certain medical services
    • Learn about financial assistance and payment plans
    • Pay medical bills
    • Request prescription refills
    • Schedule appointments and check-in online before an appointment
    • Share your health information with people who are taking care of you
    • View portions of your medical record
    • View test results
    • Connect to Apple Health to seamlessly integrate with your health journey

    What is the Spectrum Health App?

    The Spectrum Health app is a free software application you can download to your smartphone or tablet. Use it to access MyChart, find a doctor or location, and pay your bills from your mobile device.

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    Safe, private, and secure

    Trust us to keep your health information safe and protected. MyChart follows all federal and state privacy laws. Only authorized and verified users can access your information. We treat your name and email address with the same care and privacy given to your health records. Review our MyChart privacy policy.

    How do I….

    Learn how to do some common tasks in MyChart.

    Make an appointment
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    Message a doctor
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    You can message the offices of Spectrum Health physicians and advanced practice providers you’ve seen in the past three years. Go to “New Medical Question” and look for the name of the person you want to message. If their name isn’t listed, call their office and ask to have them added to your “Care Team.”

    Pay a bill or get cost estimates
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    After you log in to MyChart, select “Billing.” Within the billing summary, you can:

    • Pay bills
    • Make payment plans
    • Request financial assistance
    • View estimates

    On the App, you can access bill pay without logging in to MyChart. To use this “guest pay” feature, you’ll need the account number associated with the bill.

    See a family member's records
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    Learn how to get proxy access to a loved one’s MyChart account.

    Update information in MyChart
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    The information in your MyChart account comes from your electronic medical record. If you need to update your demographic information (e.g., name, gender, marital status) or health information, contact your doctor.

    Share health records with other providers
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    You can share your medical information with anyone who provides care for you, even if they aren’t part of Spectrum Health. Access is temporary and includes only parts of your record.

    Attach a document to a MyChart Message
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    1. Log into your MyChart Account
    2. Click Messages
    3. Click Send a message
    4. Select a New message (“Ask a medical question”, or “Ask a customer service question”)
      1. Select a contact (if prompted)
    5. Provide a Subject
    6. Enter your message
    7. Click the Paperclip icon (toward the bottom-left of the message)
    8. Select the file you wish to attach
    9. Click Send

    Need Help?

    To get help using your Spectrum Health MyChart account or the Spectrum Health App, contact our tech support.