What to expect on the day of your visit.

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Your peace of mind matters to us.

Your doctor, who has requested tests or procedures, should have reached out to you beforehand to discuss what to expect. If you haven't heard from them, don't hesitate to seek guidance during your visit. We're here to ensure you're well-informed and comfortable every step of the way.

How to check in for your child’s appointment
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Navigating the hospital check-in process can vary based on your outpatient needs. Our helpful information desk staff will guide you to the right location. Once you're in the appropriate area, you'll undergo the check-in process for your scheduled appointment. For radiology services, our registration team will provide you with a wristband. In the case of surgery, our dedicated nursing staff will ensure you have the necessary wristband. When it's time to conclude your visit, our clinical team will take care of the checkout process, eliminating the need for a separate registration checkout.

What to do while in the waiting area
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Your comfort is our priority. Our surgery waiting area offers spacious seating, procedure tracking, and refreshments. Meanwhile, our radiology waiting area provides a serene atmosphere with comfortable seating and TV entertainment to ease your wait.

What to ask if your child has a procedure?
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Stay informed: After your child’s procedure, stay informed about their condition and recovery process. Ask for a summary of the procedure’s outcome and any important findings.

Medications and pain management: Understand any prescribed medications your child needs. Ask about dosages, timing, and potential side effects. Inquire about pain management strategies to ensure your child is comfortable.

Home care instructions: Request clear and detailed home care instructions. Know what activities and dietary restrictions are necessary for your child’s recovery.

Follow-up appointments: Ask about any follow-up appointments required and their purpose. Ensure you have the dates and time scheduled.

Your care journey.