Preparing for your child's visit.

We’re here to help you navigate your child’s outpatient care.

When it’s a big day for your child at Helen DeVos Children’s Hospital, we want you to feel ready, reassured, and in control. Expect a call from your dedicated care team, who will walk you through preparing your child and yourself, set your expectations, and advise on what essentials to pack. While you can't anticipate everything, know that we've got your back. Our team, including Child and Family Life, is here to make your day comfortable and stress-free. With designated areas for waiting and caring for your child, we have everything you need for a smooth experience.

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Comfortable waiting areas for your peace of mind.

We understand that waiting can be stressful. Our surgery waiting area offers a spacious, TV-equipped environment where you can track your child’s procedure progress. Enjoy complimentary coffee, water, and snacks from our vending machine. Meanwhile, our radiology waiting area provides simplicity and comfort with chairs and entertainment.

Important information to remember for the day of your visit.

What to pack for your child
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Here's a list of items to consider packing for your child for outpatient services, organized by age group:

For children ages 0-2: Diapers and wipes, extra change of clothing, baby formula or breast milk (if needed), baby food or snacks, pacifiers or comfort items, baby blanket or favorite toy, baby bottle and sippy cup, baby care essentials, stroller, or baby carrier for transport.

For children ages 3-6: Change of clothing, favorite stuffed animal or toy, small activity or coloring book, comfort items (e.g., blanket or special pillow), and personal hygiene items.

For children ages 7-10: Change of clothing, small electronic devices, chargers, favorite book or magazine, personal hygiene items, and any comfort items.

For children ages 11 and older: Change of clothing, personal electronic devices, chargers, headphones, reading material or homework.

What to bring with you
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Here is a general list of items parents should consider bringing with them to their child's outpatient visit:

  • Identification and medical information, including parent’s ID and insurance cards, child’s ID (if applicable) and insurance information, any referral or authorization forms.
  • Medical records, including previous records or test results related to the condition, a list of current medications and dosage instructions, and any relevant medical history or allergy information.

  • Emergency contact information and contact information for your child’s primary care physician.

  • A list of questions or concerns to discuss with the medical staff.

This list is meant to cover the essentials, but it is a good idea to check with us beforehand to see if there are any specific requirements or recommendations for your child.

Where to park
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For select outpatient procedures like surgery, endoscopy/bronchoscopy, and cath lab, enjoy complimentary valet parking. Simply pull up to the main circle drive for a hassle-free experience. For all other appointments, convenient parking is available at Ramp 7. Regardless of where you park, most patients enter through our welcoming main lobby.

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