Family Birthing Centers

Giving birth is one of the most important times in your family’s life. We understand that and we’ve created dedicated spaces to provide the best experience possible, from labor to delivery to recovery with your new baby afterwards. Whether you are looking for a natural birth experience or need to have a Cesarean delivery, we have the personal care and expertise. We combine the comforts of creating an intimate, peaceful experience with access to the best of medical care.

Our dedicated nurses are skilled in all aspects of labor, delivery, recovery and mother-baby care. In addition to their exceptional technical abilities, they are sensitive to your needs. Their goal is to make you as comfortable as possible, offering both emotional and educational support, and working with your certified nurse midwife or ob-gyn for a healthy delivery.

Want to see it in person? We offer both virtual and in-person tours of our family birthing centers to expecting parents. 

A new drape with a window has been implemented at Spectrum Health. It allows the mom to see the baby during a C-section, and to pass the baby through to provide skin to skin contact immediately after the birth.