What to expect during your first trimester

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Congratulations on your pregnancy!

We know that the beginning of your journey may come with a lot of emotions and questions. We are here for you every step of the way, providing guidance, comprehensive care, and the necessary resources to ensure that you have a healthy pregnancy, delivery, and baby.

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What happens during the first trimester?

The first trimester of pregnancy, which spans from conception to about 13 weeks, is when a fertilized egg becomes implanted into your uterus and rapidly evolves into your baby. From the formation of major organs to the emergence of a tiny beating heart, the first trimester sets the foundation for growth and development.

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What to expect during your first trimester appointments

Your initial visit with a provider will be about 10 to 12 weeks after your positive pregnancy test. During this visit, a due date will be established, and labs and medical history will be reviewed with you. A pelvic exam will also be conducted, and a 20-week ultrasound will be ordered. To make sure you have all the resources you need, we’ll also provide you with educational materials and links to first-trimester videos.

During this visit, prenatal genetic counseling and testing options will also be discussed. Our prenatal genetic counseling and testing can be helpful for families who have a family history of genetic disorders or birth defects, loss during pregnancy or infancy, infertility struggles or medications, pregnancy at 35 or older, or recent chemotherapy or other medicines.

Finding the right provider for you

Not sure what provider is best for you? Every pregnancy is unique—which is why we offer a team of obstetricians and certified nurse midwives for you to choose from. Take this short quiz to find the fit that’s best for you and your pregnancy. At Spectrum Health, you have options to deliver your baby, your way.

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Start your journey with us

We are here to support you and find you the best care possible.

Create a MyChart account

As part of your care during pregnancy, we encourage you to create a MyChart account at mychart.spectrumhealth.org.

You can also download the MyChart app through the Apple App Store or Google Play.

Your MyChart account has specific pregnancy features, including:  

  • Tracking the growth of your baby week by week during pregnancy and seeing which fruit size is comparable to your baby’s current development 
  • Completing your birth plan and saving it to your medical chart 
  • Maintaining a list of tasks for you to complete to prepare for your baby 

This account will also allow you to see test results, email your provider, refill prescriptions, request appointments, and see office visit notes. 

Your MyChart account will provide these benefits beyond your pregnancy and connect you with all of your Spectrum Health providers.

Learn more about your individual provider

Your first-trimester checklist

Here is a checklist of considerations during your first trimester:

  • Schedule a prenatal appointment
  • Start focusing on a healthy and balanced diet, and consult your provider for specific dietary recommendations
  • Discuss exercise options that are safe during pregnancy with your provider and incorporate them into your routine
  • Begin taking prenatal vitamins containing folic acid, iron, and other essential nutrients as recommended by your provider
  • Avoid smoking, alcohol, and recreational drug use
  • Minimize caffeine intake and discuss safe levels with your provider
  • Evaluate your work environment(s), and if you have concerns about workplace hazards, consult with your provider
  • Consider investing in comfortable maternity clothes that provide ample support and accommodate your growing bell
  • Decide when and how you want to share the exciting news with family, friends, and colleagues

Remember that every pregnancy journey is unique, and it is important to consult with your health care provider throughout for personalized guidance and recommendations.

We’re here to help you understand what happens during your pregnancy journey

You may have many questions about your pregnancy journey. We are committed to providing you with comprehensive answers and resources to make you feel as confident and comfortable as possible.  

Refer to our Question Guide for things that you may want to ask your doctor during your appointments.   

Refer to our FAQ page for commonly asked questions and answers. 

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Financial support and assistance

We recognize that a pregnancy can feel overwhelming on its own without the additional burden of financial concerns. We are committed to helping you in any way we can, including offering financial support and assistance to those who are eligible.

Classes for pregnancy, parenting, and beyond

We are committed to providing you with all the resources and education you need throughout your journey.