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Pregnancy and Childbirth

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Pregnancy and Childbirth

The birth of your precious baby or babies is one of the biggest moments of your life: it’s both emotional and personal. That’s why we offer options that fit your personality and pregnancy: from ob-gyns to certified nurse midwives, group prenatal care, and advanced care for a high-risk pregnancy. A healthy pregnancy and healthy child is your goal, and we’re here to help you achieve that with the region’s most complete and advanced range of pregnancy, labor and delivery services. Whether you’re looking for a natural birth experience or need high-tech care, it’s all at Spectrum Health.

Prenatal Care

Care for every pregnancy includes regular prenatal visits so your ob-gyn or certified nurse midwife can keep track of your and your baby’s health. We also offer CenteringPregnancy®, group prenatal care. 

Care for Complex Pregnancies

Our maternal-fetal medicine specialists care for women with pregnancy complications, including multiple births. Our advanced monitoring, treatment and interventions are designed to keep both mother and baby healthy. If needed, newborns can receive advanced care from the neonatal intensive care unit at Helen DeVos Children’s Hospital, the region’s only Level IV NICU.

Labor and Delivery

As you go through labor and delivery, we want to make sure we are addressing all your needs: delivering not only a healthy baby, but also a warm, memorable and positive experience. You and your baby are our priority and we want to support you in your birth plan. We offer birthing centers in locations from Grand Rapids to Ludington, each with private birthing suites, experienced nurses and other amenities for your comfort and safety as you bring your child into the world.

Postpartum Care

After delivery, you and your baby will be moved to a post-labor recovery room. In the postpartum room you will both receive the medical attention and instruction you need, all within our warm and secure surroundings. We encourage your new baby to stay with you in your room. Rooming in facilitates bonding, allows you to practice skin to skin and helps you learn the feeding cues of when your baby is hungry.

Breastfeeding Support

We follow a Baby-Friendly philosophy, which means that our care supports breastfeeding and mother/baby bonding. Our nurses, peer coaches and lactation consultants will help you get the best start to breastfeeding, and we’ll support you all along the way, even after you and your baby go home.

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