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Great Lakes Health Connect was created in the 2014 merger of two of the nation’s most successful HIEs, Great Lakes Health Connect and Great Lakes Health Information Exchange.

Combining the expertise of these two leading companies, Great Lakes Health Connect is uniquely positioned to meet the growing HIE needs of a wide variety of health care providers – including yours. Here’s how:

  • We provide unparalleled interoperability and functionality, which are crucial to your success.
  • Already we connect more than 120 hospitals and over 10,000 independent and employed providers, securely and efficiently exchanging the health records of more than 5 million patients.
  • The depth and breadth of our network means we have the experience, resources and connections to initiate industry-leading advances in health information exchange. We proactively look for solutions to head off problems.
  • We are industry leaders in part because our financial foundation is strong. GLHC is a nonprofit corporation founded on a proven, self-sustaining financial model that allows us to offer optimal service to providers at a low monthly cost.

The unprecedented, ongoing changes in the nation’s health care system are built upon the ability to produce, deliver and digest data electronically. That allows outcomes to be monitored, measured and ultimately used as the basis for payment. Whether you’re a large health system, Accountable Care Organization or small private practice, your ability to meet these requirements will determine your level of success.

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Image Sharing Initiative (eSHare Image Exchange)

Spectrum Health has deployed PACS imaging solution for Radiology and Cardiology that meet the requirements for internally captured studies. It has been determined that there is a need to support the movement of patient studies when collaborating with non-Spectrum Health providers for:

  • Referential viewing of a foreign study
  • Patients in transport to Spectrum Health which have had a foreign study performed that needs to be reviewed by the treating physician/surgeon prior to patient arrival
  • Consultation with originating provider to determine if the patient requires treatment at Spectrum Health

By efficiently moving image studies amongst care providers, the collaboration of care will greatly improve. Spectrum Health patients will benefit by improving turnaround time for image exchange and collaboration between imaging specialists within Spectrum Health and the community care providers. The process will eliminate the burden and reliance of CD/DVDs by providing a simple and secure way to exchange images via the internet.

Implementation of this cloud-based technology will provide greater efficiencies supporting a quality experience, diagnosis and treatment plan for patients in support of the Spectrum Health mission to improve the health of communities we serve.

Advance Care Directives

Great Lakes Health Connect’s (GLHC) Advance Care Directives enables medical providers and attorneys to post advanced medical directive documents on behalf of patients to the GLHC’s community Virtual Integrated Patient Record (VIPR). These documents are available to participating hospitals and medical providers when the patient presents for care.

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Advanced Care Directives


Many physician offices throughout the State of Michigan are implementing Great Lakes Health Connect’s (GLHC) Patient Updates Application into their everyday workflow without interruption. The application runs in the background and is a secure gateway between your office’s EMR system and MCIR.

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