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Find out the cost before you receive care instead of after.

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We are commited to price transparency

We don't want you to be surprised by a bill. That's why you can get an estimate for all our care services, whether routine or major. Keep in mind that these are estimates rather than exact costs.

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Surprised by your bill?

Health care providers, such as Spectrum Health, participate with certain insurance plans for covered services. These plans are referred to as in-network. Out-of-network plans are those insurances that providers do not participate with. As a health care provider, we must notify out-of-network, commercially insured patients in advance and provide a disclosure of the out-of-network charges before delivering care. 

What does this mean for me?

Patients will be notified about potential out-of-network costs when they schedule appointments or upon registration for walk-in services including lab, radiology, urgent care, and our Meijer retail locations. Specifically: 

  • We will provide a good faith estimate of the cost of these services before services can be delivered. 
  • All non-emergent, out-of-network patients will be asked to sign a disclosure form prior to receiving services. The patients signature acknowledges that they accept their potential payment responsibility for the out-of-network services.
    • The patient can request that the health care services be performed by a provider that participates within their health benefit plan and may contact their insurance company to arrange for those services to be provided at a lower cost. 

We understand unexpected health care costs can create large financial impacts for a patient and their families and we are committed to transparency in pricing information to help patients and their families make informed health care decisions prior to receiving care.

Price transparency files

When it comes to pricing, we want you to be in the know every step of the way. The files below contain our standard pricing for each of our locations. You can also reach out to us anytime if you have questions.