EMR interface

For practices that already have an electronic medical record (EMR), Spectrum Health offers eSHare Integration, providing electronic transmission of orders and results from Spectrum Health directly to your practice-based EMR system.

eSHare Integration is a software program that enables your practice to collaborate with Spectrum Health and other practices over a secure grid. No special hardware is required, and staff training is minimal. This solution works over the Internet, adapts to various practice-based workflows and is compatible with over 30 EMR vendor products.

With eSHare Integration you are able to:

  • Place orders from and receive laboratory, radiology and transcription reports/results into your EMR system, eliminating the need to fax and scan paper documents.
  • Reduce the amount of time office staff spend managing the flow of information between hospitals and physicians.


  • Simple and reliable method of distributing and synchronizing information between hospital and your EMR.
  • Infrastructure guarantees delivery, privacy and security of data.
  • Automated interface does not require users to handle information, or be trained and supported.
  • Quickly installed, and remotely configured, managed and supported.
  • Provides a platform for future collaborative efforts with physicians and others across the community.


  • Work with your EMR vendor to add the Spectrum Health lab test catalog.
  • EMR system must meet Spectrum Health criteria for order entry, test compendium upload and proper formatting outbound order information.
  • Certain implementations may require additional EMR provider software. Your EMR vendor may charge an interface fee.


eSHare meets all HIPAA requirements for security and privacy. Information is also encrypted in such a way that only you can open it.

For More Information

Learn how to set up an electronic interface between your EMR and Spectrum Health.