Results delivery

Woman and child sitting in front of tablet, talking to healthcare provider.

Electronic delivery of documents

Lab, radiology and transcribed documents delivered electronically to your practice. 

Physician offices, clinics and hospitals can now receive reports electronically at no cost to your practice. Use your computer and Internet connection to retrieve your patient’s results when it is convenient for you.

Program benefits and features

  • Receive test results upon completion
  • Includes lab and radiology results as well as transcribed documents
  • Print all new reports alphabetically or by physician, quickly and efficiently on your schedule
  • Compiles multiple lab tests for the same patient onto one document
  • Eliminates duplicate report
  • Sort by physician, test type or patient name when viewing reports
  • May reduce paper costs
  • Reduces fax inefficiencies
  • Avoid phone calls for missing reports


eSHare Results meets all HIPAA requirements for security and privacy. Information is also encrypted in such a way that only you can open it.

Admit discharge transfer (ADT) notifications

The Michigan Health Connect (MHC) Admit Discharge Transfer (ADT) Notifications provide near real time notification of emergency room and hospital admissions and discharges for individual patients. Healthcare providers may select to receive ADT notifications that include pertinent information relevant to each event from the following options:

  • PDF document via the MHC iNbox
  • Raw data HL7 feed

For More Information

Learn how to set up an electronic interface between your EMR and Spectrum Health.