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Here's How We're Responding

We've canceled all non-urgent appointments, surgeries, procedures and events through April 13.
provider referral
Expanding Virtual Care
Conduct video visits with our primary care or specialty care providers from the comfort of your home.
self referral
New Visitor Policy
We've changed our family and visitor policy to ensure the health and safety of our patient and team members.
 Think you may have COVID-19?

With a growing number of confirmed COVID-19 (coronavirus) cases in West Michigan and the United States, feeling sick can be scary. If you have symptoms like fever, cough or shortness of breath, you can use this automated screener or call 833.559.0659 for advice on what to do next. Please note: screening is required before a COVID-19 diagnostic test.


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Symptoms of COVID-19 are flu-like and may include fever, cough, sore throat or shortness of breath. Some people may also experience fatigue, body aches, a runny nose or a sore throat. 

Most people develop only mild symptoms. But some people, usually those with other medical complications, may develop more severe symptoms, including pneumonia.
People at higher risk include:
  • People 60 and older.
  • People with underlying health conditions such as heart or lung disease, diabetes or obesity.
  • People who have weakened immune systems.
  • People who are pregnant.

People at higher risk of severe illness should stay home and away from large groups of people as much as possible. The CDC website has a comprehensive listing of people at higher risk.

The purpose of the COVID-19 screening is to detect risk factors for the virus. Screenings are completed by answering a series of questions. Your risk results are given to you immediately. A screening is not COVID-19 test. 

A screening is required before a COVID-19 diagnostic test may occur. 

If you have been screened and you have a doctor’s order, you may be eligible to be tested for COVID-19. A COVID-19 test is diagnostic laboratory test that can identify the virus that causes COVID-19. It requires a specimen collection including swabs of your throat, nose and a sample of your saliva. The specimens will be sent to an appropriate testing facility. Results can be delayed several days. 
The most common symptoms of COVID-19 are fever, cough, sore throat and shortness of breath. If you have been exposed to someone with confirmed COVID-19 and are experiencing symptoms, you might have COVID-19.

Those with mild symptoms, no breathing difficulties and stable vital signs should stay home and self-quarantine, watching for worsening symptoms. If you are concerned about your symptoms, call your doctor or call the Spectrum Health COVID-19 hotline for a free phone screening at 833.559.0659. For patients who need testing, we offer drive-through testing by appointment only.

Currently, most testing is being reserved for patients who are severely ill, our hospitalized patients and our most vulnerable populations in accordance with Michigan Department of Health and Human Resources.

We appreciate your cooperation and understanding that we are unable to test everyone who may potentially have COVID-19 at this time. 

The CDC recommends quarantine for:

  1. At least three days (72 hours) have passed with no fever (without the use of fever-reducing drugs) and your symptoms have improved.


  2.  At least seven days days have passed since symptoms first appeared.
Yes, you can still make an appointment with Spectrum Health providers.
We have enabled all our primary care and most of our specialty care medical teams to see you through a MyHealth virtual visit.
For needs that require an in-person visit, we have locations to see you including primary and specialty care, urgent care and labs.
To learn more about your regular care options and how to schedule, visit
In-person appointments for routine and non-urgent care, such as annual check-ups, routine monitoring, and wellness exams will be deferred until after April 13 or when social distancing measures recommended by Governor Whitmer have been lifted. We are also deferring all elective outpatient surgeries and procedures.