Temporary Family and Visitor Restrictions

As we work to help keep everyone safe during the COVID-19 pandemic, we slowly have been increasing family/visitor presence in our hospitals. 

Here are the Spectrum Health West Michigan hospital visitor guidelines of May 20, 2020:

Hospital Patient Care Area

Family Member/Guest Presence Level

Adult ICU, Medical/Surgical, Observation

One adult family member/guest

Emergency Department

One adult family member/guest

Women’s Health / Mother Baby

One adult family member/guest per laboring mom

Pediatric Patients (Under age 21)

Two adult family members/guests

Outpatient Services within the hospital

One adult family member/guest

"Note: no visitors are permitted for adult patients with confirmed COVID-19 infection – virtual visits only

Visitors will be encouraged to follow guidelines to help increase their safety and limit potential exposures to COVID-19 while in the hospital, such as wearing a mask, practicing social distancing and washing their hands frequently.   

For lab, radiology or appointments at Spectrum Health Medical Group facilities, Spectrum Health welcomes you to bring a visitor/family member with you if the any of the following apply:

  • You need physical assistance
  • You have cognitive deficits and require support
  • Your visit involves reviewing studies and developing a plan of care (This includes all OB patients)
  • You are going to have a procedure that involves sedation
  • You are a minor or under 21 years old (2 visitors may accompany minors)

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, pediatric patients are a special circumstance and two parental/guardian visitors are allowed to be with them in the hospital. This includes the pediatric ICUs and neonatal ICU at Helen DeVos Children's Hospital.

Visitors must be healthy and will be screened at the entrance.

Yes, maternity patients in the hospital are a special circumstance and one visitor is allowed to be with them in the hospital for vaginal or c-section deliveries. 

The one support person must be healthy and will be screened at the entrance. Once inside the hospital, the support person can not leave, so bring whatever is needed when first entering. This includes clothes and toiletries for mother and support person for 2 to 3 days, as well as items for the new baby including clothes, diapers, car seat, etc. Asking your support person to stay in the hospital with you helps keep mothers, new babies and our team members healthy.

Visitors for end-of-life situations will be considered on a case by case basis.

The Renucci Hospitality House on the campus of the Spectrum Health Medical Center has been transformed into a unique environment with hotel-like spaces for patients and their families to receive hospice and palliative care. The Renucci Hospitality House is available for the care and treatment of patients at end-of-life, including those diagnosed with COVID-19.

We offer virtual visit options to those who have family members in our adult intensive care units or ICUs as a way to connect with their loved ones. The care team in the ICU can provide more information about how families can connect virtually.