Emotional wellness and support

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This pandemic has taken everyone out of the “normal” and can leave us all feeling stressed and anxious. Our team is here to guide you through a variety of situations:

  • Difficulty coping with the disruption of routine for you and your family 
  • Caring for children and/or older parents while working from home 
  • Saddened by the isolation and distance from friends and family 
  • Anxious fears after possibly being exposed to someone with COVID-19
  • Overwhelm with financial difficulties after job furlough or loss 
  • Just needing someone to talk to during a “moment” 
  • Slipping back into negative/disruptive patterns

To get help and free support, call 833.734.0013. This service is available from 7 a.m. to 11 p.m. every day for those 18 and older.

Comprehensive Care & Support Services

Available Resources & Support

Additional Care Options

For Behavioral Health care, contact your primary care provider to schedule an appointment.

For Addiction Medicine care, contact the Center for Integrated Medicine.

General Support

My Strength

Self-care and coping skills are critical to your mental health and wellbeing. Priority Health has partnered with a digital health specialist to offer free access to mental wellness resources specifically focused on the COVID-19 pandemic. Take advantage of this free virtual tool and help restore your mental strength during this pandemic. 


This special collection of meditation, sleep, and movement exercises below are designed to help you keep a strong and healthy mind in the midst of this global health crisis.

Suicide Prevention Lifeline

Offering Free groups on anxiety, stress management, depression, and people experiencing suicidal thoughts. Groups are led by a mental health professional

Spectrum Health Resources

Recovery / Substance Use Support

Narcotics Anonymous Online

Directory of online and telephone Narcotics Anonymous (NA) meetings.

SMART Recovery

Mutual support meetings for people with addiction concerns Science-driven, not based on 12 steps

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