Scheduling and preparing for your lab visit

Before your visit

Be sure you have an order from your healthcare provider

  • They will tell you when you should come in for your testing.
  • If you are unsure if you have testing that needs to be completed, you may want to call your provider or call the lab location you will be visiting.

Decide if you want to schedule, or walk in anytime

  • Many of our locations offer scheduled appointments through your MyChart account.

Choose the lab location that is most convenient for you

  • Our locations are usually busiest in the morning (8 am to 11 am) or in the late afternoon.

Follow any instructions given to you by your provider before your lab visit

  • The most common instruction is to fast before your testing. At Spectrum Health, we recommend nothing to eat or drink except water for eight hours prior to testing. (That includes no smoking, chewing gum, candy, cough drops, etc.)

Be sure to bring your current insurance card(s), a photo ID and any lab orders you were given by your doctor