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We know that timely service and convenience is important to you. That’s why we provide outpatient services at over 40 easy-access locations across 13 West Michigan counties. We don’t require an appointment at any of our outpatient locations, just stop in and register at the front desk to have your blood drawn or drop off a specimen.

A robust care team

Spectrum Health is a trusted lab resource to more than 800 physician offices, hospitals, clinics, home care providers, insurers, and long-term care facilities. Each year, our highly skilled lab professionals perform more than six million diagnostic tests. The clinical team at Spectrum Health is what makes our lab services among the best. Our team includes more than 600 staff members, including board-certified pathologists, PhD scientists, certified clinical laboratory scientists, technologists, and molecular specialists.


Registrar (PAS)

I specialize in coordinating your visit with the lab and keeping your information up to date in our system.



I specialize in safe, compassionate sample collection techniques to get quality specimens for testing.



I specialize in the latest technology and processes for testing your sample to give your provider quick, accurate results.



I specialize in understanding diseases from diagnosis to treatment.

Caring for kids

You only want the best for your kids! We get that. That's why we work extra hard to provide a safe, caring, skilled team of phlebotomists at all of our sites. All our phlebotomists receive additional training at our outpatient children’s lab at Helen DeVos Children’s Hospital, which focuses on pain reduction and a kid-friendly collection process. This process and extra training means your child will receive the best care no matter which Spectrum Health lab you choose. If you have a little one that needs a gentler approach, we recommend you visit our outpatient pediatric lab at 35 Michigan Street NE in Grand Rapids.

Our services

Spectrum Health Regional Laboratories perform more than six million diagnostic tests per year and provide a full range of reference testing for hospitals as well as highly specialized laboratory services. Regionally, we serve more than 800 physician offices, hospitals, clinics, home care providers, insurers, nursing homes, and assisted living facilities. Our laboratory outreach services are licensed, certified, and accredited through four national organizations. This means you can count on our labs to provide quality and excellence. 

Our services are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. We look forward to being a vital partner with you in caring for the needs of your patients.

    • Therapeutic Drug Monitoring & Drug Abuse Testing
    • Sweat Chloride Testing for Cystic Fibrosis
    • Gastrointestinal Breath Testing
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    • Scheduled Lab Services through MyChart

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