Brain and spine tumors

With an entire team of experts working together for you, count on the Brain & Spine Tumor Center for the most advanced and effective treatments available, individualized care plans and comprehensive support services customized to meet the needs of you and your family.

All in one place, all in one day.

Our multispecialty team of experts meets with you and your family in a single appointment to discuss treatment options, coordinates next steps and answer questions. You receive a personalized care plan by the end of the appointment that is shared with your referring or primary care physician. Patients also benefit from disease specific site-specific tumor boards, where physicians meet and gather input from colleagues. Spectrum Health was the first in West Michigan to use this approach, a hallmark of nationally recognized cancer centers.

Someone to lean on

Your family and friends can provide invaluable support throughout your treatment. We also want you to rely on someone who knows the ins and outs of the medical system—someone who can communicate with physicians on your behalf, confirm timely scheduling of tests and appointments, make sure you take advantage of all the services available to you, and so much more. That someone is your nurse navigator. 

A nurse navigator is a nurse with special training. She is an educator, an advocate and a friend to you and your family throughout the treatment process and beyond. Your nurse navigator is the person you and your family members can always call for guidance, encouragement and coordination.

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