Getting ready for an overnight stay.

Don’t worry. No one is ever ready for an overnight hospital stay. And that’s ok.

Even if your child has stayed with us before and you think you know what to expect, planning for all that’s needed while in the hospital isn’t always doable, because every stay is different.

On the other hand, a hospital stay for your child can be unexpected—therefore, planning for the stay was not possible. Sometimes a medical situation arises that requires immediate attention, and the care team decided your child should stay in the hospital for further monitoring, tests, or procedures. How could you plan for that?

Planned or unplanned, we are here to support you while you’re here.

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Remember to pack little comforts for your child.

It’s ok to bring your child’s favorite stuffed animal, lovey, or blankie. Same goes for the older kids wanting things like journals, art supplies, or other hobby items.

At the hospital, we have gaming stations, tablets, and activities, but if there’s a device or game that’s special to them, we understand.

Remember, if you forgot something special, let the Child and Family Life team know how they can help.

Map out logistics ahead of your child's stay.

If you have some time before arriving, get a lay of the land by reviewing options for long-term parking, for grabbing a meal in the hospital or outside, and for nearby family lodging.

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The Child and Family Life Team is Here For You.

Learn how our team of trained professionals can help make your child’s hospital stay as smooth as possible.