Child and family life

Play is an important and familiar part of life for children.

Certified child life specialists (CCLS) have college degrees in areas similar to child development, psychology, education or therapeutic recreation.

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Child and family life team members maintain specially equipped playrooms that are safe, stress-free places for patients and their siblings to play. If your child is unable to participate in playroom activities, bedside play is available for all ages.

How can child life specialists support your family?

  • Minimize fear and stress 
  • Provide education prior to medical procedures and offer support during procedures 
  • Support the patient in the context of his or her family, culture and developmental stage 
  • Engage and energize children and families through play, music therapy and special events
  • Reduce educational concerns due to hospitalizations 
  • Provide support for families and siblings who may be affected by a diagnosis, illness, trauma or grief 
  • Offer radiology and surgery pre-procedural tours to help familiarize the setting 
  • Encourage parent and caregiver participation in their child’s health care

Features of child and family life

Hospital school program

We believe that a child’s school experience supports the healing process. Our hospital school program helps to provide normalcy and assist in a smooth transition back to the classroom.

Art Therapy

Art therapy is part of the child and family team. Our art therapist provides a safe place for children to use the art making process as a form of self-expression to help improve mood and learn new healthy coping skills while normalizing the hospital setting.

Music therapy

As a part of child and family life team, music therapy is available to your child. Music therapy is an established health profession that utilizes musical interventions to address specific goals for individuals of all ages.

Professional opportunities

We offer both child life practicum and child life internship opportunities. We strive to offer students a wide variety of experiences within the hospital setting as well as a solid understanding of the profession of child life specialists. We accept students with or without a college affiliation.

Thank you for your interest in volunteering to provide your time or talent to our patients and families. Current in-person visits are on hold at this time. We look forward to future opportunities to share with you. Thank you for understanding.

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