Dick and Linda Antonini Hospital School Program

We believe that a child’s school experience supports the healing process. The Dick and Linda Antonini Hospital School Program, led by Sarah, a Michigan-certified teacher, is here to: 

  • Bridge the gap between schools, families and the medical team 
  • Reduce future educational concerns due to medical issues 
  • Provide educational opportunities during treatment 
  • Maintain involvement in normal routines 

If your child is a student, we encourage you to bring their schoolwork to the hospital to provide normalcy and assist in a smooth transition back to the classroom. 

Elementary students meet to work on activities related to the lesson in the daily video. Teens gather with their peers and engage in hands-on or logic-oriented activities. If your child is in isolation, someone from child life will be around to provide him or her with the activity packet for each day’s lesson.

Features of the School Program

Liaison services

Children with chronic medical conditions are eligible to receive academic support. Our educational liaison collaborates with your child’s community school to assist in meeting educational milestones with his or her peers.


WIZkids provides hands-on activities and academic support for patients five to 18 years of age. During the school year, patients turn to channel 12 on their hospital TV at 10:30 am, Monday to Friday, to watch the video of the day. School-age patients meet as a group to work on activities related to the lesson in the daily video, or an activity packet can be delivered.

Tutoring services

Any school-age child (K-12) is eligible for tutoring with the support of our teacher volunteers, as available. These sessions are held in the hospital schoolroom or at the bedside, depending upon your child’s medical needs.

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