Family-centered neurological care

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Pediatric neurology

Our neurology program provides family-centered care for children and teenagers with diseases of the brain and nervous system. Families and primary care physicians team up with our neurologists to find the best ways to meet the particular needs of each child.

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If a child needs further testing, we may perform an electroencephalogram (EEG), video EEG, magnetic resonance imaging (MRI), electromyography (EMG) or laboratory tests. We share test results and diagnoses with both parents and the referring physician, and together, we develop a plan of treatment and schedule follow-up evaluations.

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Conditions we treat

Early diagnosis of a neurological problem is helpful. Our expertise includes diagnosis and treatment of:


Cerebral palsy/spasticity 


Global developmental disabilities 



Muscular dystrophy


Spinal muscular atrophy 

Tics/Tourette syndrome 

Traumatic brain injury 


Tuberous sclerosis

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Procedures are performed at Helen DeVos Children's Hospital in downtown Grand Rapids. We offer outpatient clinics in Grand Rapids, Marquette and Traverse City.

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