Adolescent and young adult cancer program

The life of an adolescent or young adult can be complicated. This stage of life is marked by transitions like finding independence, creating new social connections and considering major life choices regarding college, career and family. A cancer diagnosis can create additional complexity and challenges during this transitional time. 

Our adolescent and young adult (AYA) cancer program – made possible through a generous gift from Dick and Ethie Haworth – bridges pediatric and adult cancer care with full clinical and psychosocial support specifically designed for those ages 15 to 39.

Expertise Specific to Adolescents & Young Adults

Our specialized team is built with the teen/young adult in mind. This dedicated, multidisciplinary team includes nationally ranked pediatric specialists, certified pediatric hematology oncology nurses and many others who collaborate for diagnoses and treatment. Our psychologists, counselors, child life specialists and social workers also provide quality of life and wellness support, and help manage many of the complexities throughout the cancer journey. There is a lot for an adolescent/young adult with cancer to navigate, and our program is intentionally built to assist on all fronts.

Fertility Preservation

Some cancer treatments can affect hormones and future fertility, and our AYA program includes fertility preservation options, guidance and counseling. We are offering new and cutting-edge treatments such as ovarian tissue cryopreservation, that will be available for pre- and post-pubertal patients as part of our comprehensive fertility preservation program.

Our Programs & Services

Our team will guide you through the clinical treatment, emotional, social and financial journey with services to support your needs, including:

  • Supportive care programs with social, mental health and wellness services 
  • Access to evidence-based clinical trials (including personalized/precision medicine) 
  • AYA child life
  • School liaison program 
  • Specialized survivorship care 
  • Fertility preservation

Meet Our Providers

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