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Electrophysiology care

A cardiac arrhythmia is a heart rhythm disorder. This occurs when the heart’s regular electrical activity becomes erratic and the irregular impulses are spread throughout the upper and lower chambers of the heart. Irregular heart rhythms, whether a dangerously fast heartbeat or a dangerously slow heartbeat, affect millions of people and can cause life-threatening conditions. 

If you have a suspected or diagnosed heart rhythm disorder, we can help. Spectrum Health offers one of the nation’s leading electrophysiology programs right here in West Michigan. We take a personalized approach to helping each patient, providing support from a dedicated team and access to advanced equipment and technology. We are able to treat and help manage your heart rhythm disorder at Corewell Health Grand Rapids Hospitals Fred & Lena Meijer Heart Center in Grand Rapids, and through our expanded footprint on the lakeshore and surrounding communities in the region.

Each year, our electrophysiologists evaluate, treat and manage more patients experiencing arrhythmias than anywhere else in the state. We’re also proud to offer the only dedicated atrial fibrillation program in West Michigan that offers a full range of treatment options. 

Our cardiovascular medicine device clinic is dedicated to supporting an advanced array of the latest pacemakers, implanted cardiac defibrillators (ICD) and implanted cardiac monitors (ICM) with individualized treatments for your heart’s irregular rhythm. We have four fully-equipped electrophysiology labs dedicated to ablation and device implants, staffed by registered cardiac electrophysiology specialists, dedicated nurses and technicians.

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Electrophysiology programs and services

An experienced and knowledgeable team

The electrophysiology or heart rhythm team at Spectrum Health is the largest in West Michigan. It includes board-certified electrophysiologists, advanced practice providers, skilled team of cardiac device specialists and nurses, experienced team of nurse care coordinators and a knowledgeable support team of medical assistants and schedulers.