Implantable cardiac devices

The Spectrum Health Cardiovascular Medicine Device Clinic is dedicated to supporting an advanced array of the latest pacemakers, implanted cardiac defibrillators (ICD) and implanted cardiac monitors (ICM) with individualized treatments for your heart’s irregular rhythm. Our electrophysiologists, cardiac device specialists, and exercise physiologists work together to help program your device and monitor its functioning. Our clinic cares for over 7,300 patients and provides over 31,500 patient appointments every year. 

  • For those patients with pacemakers or ICD, click here to learn how our device clinic delivers expert care. 
  • For those patients with ICMs, such as the Medtronic Reveal LinqTM and Biotronik BioMonitor, click here to learn how our ICM clinic delivers expert care.

A pill-sized pacemaker

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