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How Multispecialty Teams Work

Our multispecialty cancer team clinics have set the bar for cancer care in West Michigan. When we formed the breast cancer multispecialty team in 2001, we were the first in the area to provide this comprehensive approach. Today we continue to lead by also offering dedicated teams that will provide comprehensive and coordinated care to patients with brain and spine tumors, bone, sarcoma/soft tissue cancer, lung tumors or cancer, prostate or genitourinary (urologic) cancer (including bladder, kidney or testicular cancers), and melanoma.

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Comprehensive, Coordinated Care

Your diagnosis and treatment options are as unique as you. In place of multiple appointments to different specialists, our Multispecialty Team brings a dedicated team of cancer specialists together in one place, at one time, to make diagnostic and treatment recommendations based on national guidelines and the best medical information available.

At a Multispecialty visit you and your family will:

  • Meet with members of our premier cancer team
  • Gain understanding regarding how medical, surgical and radiation oncologists may need to work together to combat your cancer
  • Benefit from the multispecialty conference where dedicated specialists meet to discuss your case and options, working together to recommend a comprehensive, coordinated treatment plan.
  • Meet your nurse navigator who will work with you as you choose and gather your cancer team and follow your chosen treatment plan
  • Learn more about our supportive care services that are available to you and your family such as nutrition, art and music therapy, prehab and rehab, massage therapy, acupuncture, counseling, support groups and more.

Our team approach saves you and your family the anxiety and uncertainty of waiting days and weeks between individual appointments. It lets you focus your energy on what’s important: getting well.

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