Breast cancer care

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A breast cancer diagnosis isn't what it used to be.

Learning you have breast cancer can be very difficult to process. Fortunately, research breakthroughs, technological advancements and "multidisciplinary" teams have equipped us with more precise ways to treat breast cancer. Whether it's gene sequencing to map your exact cancer type, the latest surgical techniques or participation in many leading clinical trials, breast cancer treatment has made huge strides.

Breast cancer care at Spectrum Health

At Spectrum Health, we treat all types of breast cancer. Some important things to know about our program include:

  • We are a high-volume center for breast cancer. This means our doctors have more experience with the different aspects of breast cancer. High-volume centers are associated with better outcomes.
  • We are accredited by The National Accreditation Program for Breast Centers (NAPBC). Only a small percentage of the country's breast centers have achieved NAPBC accreditation.
  • We offer advanced cancer therapies and technologies that are not widely available elsewhere.
  • We take a team approach to your treatment plan, solving for your situation with multiple breast cancer specialists and support services.
  • We assign a nurse navigator to every patient who will personally guide you throughout your treatment plans and appointments as well as advocate for making things easier to manage.
  • We work to coordinate your care across our different locations to help you receive your care closest to your home.

Phases of breast cancer care

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In the initial stages of your breast cancer, there is often further testing to get more specific information to design the best treatment plan. Our Betty Ford Breast Cancer Services is nationally recognized for its excellence in diagnostic imaging. Read more about diagnosing breast cancer.

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Your breast cancer treatment plan is designed around your type of breast cancer and your specific needs. We rely on the latest treatment approaches that may include a combination of gene sequencing, surgery, chemotherapy, radiation and hormonal therapy. Learn more about treating breast cancer.

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Managing treatment
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Depending on your treatment plan, you may experience physical and emotional side effects that can benefit from support services. Our support care services have experience helping people navigate cancer treatments and are able to help.

After treatment
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Our follow-up care, support and resources allow you to adjust to a new normal and cope more smoothly during this phase.

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Frequently asked questions
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Your nurse navigator will be with you and your family throughout your care to make sure you receive the care and services you need. Get guidance during diagnosis and treatment, encouragement when you want it, and someone to act as an advocate when you need one.

Your team will be built around your particular cancer. It will include different specialists. Your nurse navigator will likely be your main contact between appointments.

For a list of important phone numbers, go to Community resource page.
Please call 1.855.SHCancer if you like to get a second opinion at Spectrum Health. We are happy to help you with accessing your medical records.

A Powerful Second Opinion

Need a consultation, already diagnosed or want a second opinion? We are here to help.