Recovery and support to move forward

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Our promise to you is that we will help support the progress you’ve made.

Recovery and maintenance are important parts of your journey. This is how we make sure that you keep the progress you’ve made and find ways to help you move forward.

Holistic support to help you throughout your journey

Our coordinated rehabilitation resources and services are designed to connect you to the people who can help you feel better in body and mind.

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Comprehensive cancer rehabilitation programs to help you recover

Our coordinated breast cancer rehabilitation can help minimize side effects and help you go on to have the best quality of life possible after recovery.

Lymphedema rehabilitation

Our specially trained certified physical and occupational therapists can help you reduce swelling, minimize complications, and increase your strength, function, and comfort.

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Your breast cancer care program

We’ll make sure you’re getting regular checkups.

We’ll schedule regular checkup appointments to make sure that you continue to have the best outcomes and care. How often we see you will depend on your individual needs, but it is common to see your care team every few months for the first 2 to 3 years after treatment.

During these visits, your doctor will:

  • Conduct a physical exam to check your vital signs
  • Ask about any symptoms you may be having
  • Perform blood tests if needed
  • Send you for imaging tests, such as mammograms, CT scans or MRIs if needed
  • Send you for physical or occupational therapy as needed.
  • Review your medications

You can choose who you want to see for your maintenance care. It may be the same doctor who provided your cancer treatment, someone who specializes in follow-up care for cancer survivors, or your primary care provider.

Helping you stay well, beyond recovery

Maintenance is about more than just recovery. It’s also about restoring your complete sense of wellness. Just like during your diagnosis and treatment, we will be with you throughout this part, too.

Breast cancer survivorship services

Our goal is to help you have your best quality of life after breast cancer. To make that happen we have created a survivorship team made up of advanced practice providers, cancer rehabilitation experts, dieticians and social workers who will develop a personalized plan specifically for you to maintain and improve your health.

When you meet with your team they will:

  • Review your cancer diagnosis and treatment with you
  • Discuss any post-treatment issues you may be having
  • Give you a physical exam to check your health
  • Recommend healthy eating and exercise habits
  • Manage any symptoms you may be having
  • Connect you with any local resources that could be helpful
  • Work with you to overcome any physical, emotional or social issues you are having

Schedule an appointment with our survivorship services

We are here for you no matter where you are in your breast cancer journey. 

Whether you have just received your diagnosis, are in the middle of treatment, or have completed your course of treatment, there are many ways we can still support you and help you feel and do better. Please call us to make an appointment today.

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