Lymphedema rehabilitation

Therapy can improve lymphedema

If you’ve been diagnosed with lymphedema, physical and occupational therapy are likely part of your treatment program. Our specially trained certified physical and occupational therapists offer combined treatment techniques, designed to reduce swelling, minimize complications and increase your strength, function and physical comfort. Our program is comprehensive and personalized to meet your individual needs.

Your therapy sessions may include: 

  • Manual lymphatic drainage
  • Compression bandaging
  • Healthy-Steps Lebed method 

Our therapists will also recommend regular therapeutic exercises and activities designed to boost strength, range of motion and function. They may also recommend compression garments to help prevent fluid buildup. 

Spectrum Health has a Lymphedema Program that is one of four National Lymphatic Network centers in the country that is both a diagnostic and treatment center, offering patients a full continuum of care and expertise.

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