Complete gynecologic care complements your overall health and wellness. From prevention to diagnosis and treatment, the type of care you need will depend on your age, medical history and other personal needs and circumstances. Our team of gynecologists and advanced practice providers has specific expertise in the physical and emotional complexity of your reproductive system—from adolescence to midlife to menopause and beyond.

We Specialize In:

Complex Gynecology & Minimally Invasive Surgery

Many women suffer in silence throughout their lifetime with gynecologic conditions that can impact health and quality of life, leading to pelvic pain, abnormal uterine bleeding, problems conceiving and problems with sexuality.

You may not realize that the symptoms you’ve been living with are not normal and that help is available from our complex gynecology and minimally invasive surgery team. For example, experiencing periods that are so heavy that you can’t make it through the night without changing protection or being afraid to leave the house due to heavy, painful periods is not normal. Experiencing severe pain or pelvic pressure during periods, or having severely heavy flow with large clots is not normal. Listen to a short audio clip from one of our specialists on what’s normal and what’s not with your menstrual cycle.

Our team of specialized gynecologic surgeons offers personalized, comprehensive medical and surgical treatment options. This includes the most current medical therapies and fertility-sparing treatments. If conservative medical approaches fail, we offer a full range of minimally invasive surgical approaches, including robotic, laparoscopic and vaginal surgery. These options allow surgeons to perform highly precise gynecologic procedures with small incisions, resulting in less pain, a lower risk of complications and shorter recovery times. Our surgical team has extensive experience and performs a high volume of complex and advanced minimally invasive procedures.

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What We Offer:

  • Diagnostic evaluations 
  • Medical therapies
  • Fertility-sparing treatments
  • Minimally invasive surgical approaches, including robotic, laparoscopic and vaginal surgery
    - Laparoscopic/robotic hysterectomy
    - Laparoscopic/robotic treatment of endometriosis
    - Laparoscopic/robotic myomectomy
    - Operative hysteroscopy

Common Conditions We Treat:

• Abnormal uterine bleeding
Benign pelvic masses
Cesarean scar defect/isthmocele
Ovarian cysts
Pelvic pain 
Vulvar, vaginal and cervical dysplasia

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