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Preventive Exams and Screenings

Make your health a priority. Visit your Spectrum Health care team for care that helps you prevent health problems—or catch disease early, before it becomes serious.

Well-Woman Exams

Visit your primary care provider, gynecologist or midwife every year for a well-woman visit. This routine check-up focuses on preventive care. It may include: 

  • Discussion of your health habits and history 
  • Guidance on ways to protect or improve your health 
  • Immunizations 
  • Physical exam, including a clinical breast exam and a pelvic exam 
  • Screening tests 

Learn more about well-woman visits—and what questions to ask during your appointment.

Health Screenings for Women

Screening tests find problems before you have symptoms. That means they can detect disease early, so you can start care sooner. Access a full range of screening tests for women at Spectrum Health, including: 

Blood tests to screen for high cholesterol, diabetes and other conditions 

Breast cancer screening 

Cervical cancer screening 

Colon cancer screening 

Osteoporosis screening 

Sexually transmitted infection (STI) tests

What Health Screenings Do I Need?

Talk to your primary care provider about which tests are right for you and when you should have them. The screenings you need are based on your age, health, lifestyle and family history. 

Review general preventive health guidelines for women: 

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